Friday, August 7, 2015

Where would you go?

If you have the opportunity to visit one of the states in Malaysia, where would you go?

I asked this question to my wife, and she would love to visit Penang! Penang is located in the north of Peninsular Malaysia. Penang is divided into two parts which is the Island and Seberang Perai. Both are united by the bridge which is known as Penang Bridge, the 2nd-longest bridge in Malaysia.

Penang is famous for its delicious food like  Laksa Penang, Nasi Kandar, Pesembur, Char Koay Teow Penang, Ice ball and many more!

Laksa Penang! Sabatini's fav food (Source:

Not only food! Penang also has many interesting places to visit such as the capital city, Georgetown famous for its attractive architecture, there you can find the amazing artwork of world-renowned street artist Ernest Zacharevic.

Kids on Bicycle art by Ernest Zacharevic (Source:

Not to forget the Penang Hills, also known as Bukit Bendera the oldest colonial Hill station made by the British when they first arrived here. There, you can see the magnificent view of Georgetown! the pretty Fairy Bluebird and of course take a ride of the Funicular Train /cable car (they are powered by cable) to the top of the hill to experience this view:

View of Georgetown from Penang Hills (Source:
There are many more interesting things to do in Penang! I can not wait to travel to Penang with my wife. But before traveling of course we want the best in selecting the cheapest flights and accommodation! to plan our trip, we choose Traveloka will help you to get the cheapest and honest prices, honest means no hidden charges, the price you see is the price you will pay. If you want to check out the cheapest flights to Penang, click on this link:

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