Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cebu Island! (Day 3, 4 & 5)

Level 2, Kawasan Falls, Badian

Third day

Kawasan falls located nearer to Cebu city, so we decided to check out and bring along our bags. Our hostel receptionist said to get to Kawasan it takes around 3 hours so we need get there before noon:

8 am- Get the bus to Bato Terminal
from Bato terminal, ask the counter, bus to Cebu via Barili
tell the conductor to stop at Saint Thomas Church,
Badian (Pronounced as Baj-jan) or just say Kawasan Falls.

Santo Thomas Church, Badian.
Once you get off the bus, a lot of people will approach you and try to get your bags. As always, be careful. These people are the tour guides for canyoneering. They will try to convince you to get their services. Here is the tricky part, the range price per person is p1000-p1500 (They wont go for p1000 but trust me they will! NEGOTIATE, if they insist just say you will go for different guides). You will get:
-       Free guides (They will ask for tips tho :p)
-       Free lunch or dinner (Make sure they confirmed this before you starts the tour, because once you finished the tour, they will pretend no one responsible on this and they will say minimum 6 people to get your free food) there are no halal food! At least claim your hot cup noodles.
-       Free snacks and mineral water (Claim this before you start your tour)
-       Life jacket, helmet, dry bags and shoes
-       Habal-Habal/Motorcycle- free transportation to the starting point of the tour
-       Free bags security (At the end of the tour, the guy who take care of your belongings might ask for a tip)
It takes 3-4 hours for the whole tour and it takes 8-10 jumps. They will not force you to jump, but there are always ways not to jump or at least a smaller jump. For guys, before you jump, make sure you release the clip under your leg else it will hurts your groin when you jump especially the last jump at Kawasan falls haha

You can wait for the bus to Cebu city (South bus Terminal) in front of the church. The bus fare is p126 per person. From the bus terminal you can get jeepney 01K (not 0iK) to SM just find any jeepney with SM sign. Since it’s already late we prefer to get a taxi, the fare is less than p100 direct to our hotel Bayfront Hotel (p2500 per night).

Forth day

You can go for island hopping from Cebu city, or just walk around the city. Since it was Friday that time, Azlan go for Friday prayer at their mosque located about 5km from our hotel.

It cost only p10 by jeepney to the Mosque (Known as Green mosque/Al-khiriah Mosque), just tell the driver you want to stop at the Mosque (Pronounced as Mos-kee)

It was a book distribution that day, so Azlan managed to socialize with the local people before going back to hotel. To hotel, you just get any jeepney infront of the mosque with a SM sign on it. It will be the last stop of the jeepney. SM mall is the biggest shopping mall in Cebu (for now! this upcoming December they will open a new shopping mall that they declare to be the biggest in Philippine, which is around 5 km from SM) SM mall located next to our hotel, Bayfront Hotel.

SM could be one of the best place to find dried mango, just go to SM department store and go to groundfloor at Snack exchange section.

Or else, you can go to Cultural Market. , You will see more choices there.  Not only dried mango, even dried fish, dried squid etc haha but make sure to prepare yourself of the smell.

Fifth day.

After having complimentary breakfast from the hotel we packed our stuff and make a move to the airport by taxi. It was indeed an amazing journey in Cebu we even plan on having a property there because it is cheaper compared to Malaysia! Sorry for the long post, hope you guys enjoy your trip to Cebu!

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