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Cebu Island! (Day 1 & 2)

Once we touched-down Malaysia from our previous trip to Istanbul, India and Dubai we spent most of our time to get along with families and friends since it’s our first time to meet them up after we get married in UK.

I admit it was really tiring for both of us especially when we didn’t do any ceremony, so we need to approach all of them personally, we’ve been travelling from north to south of peninsular Malaysia and spent almost a month in Sarawak and Brunei. Therefore to reward ourselves we made an unplanned decision as always…

Escape plan to Cebu Island!

Try to book your flight early, the price could be as cheap as RM100 return with AirAsia or as always you can redeem your Big Points with AirAsia.

During your flight, the flight attendance will give you 2 forms to fill up, a health declaration form and landing form. Make sure you know your destination address etc.

From the airport to Cebu City you have 2 options, by taxi or Jeepney.
Jeepney costs you around p43, but you need to change 4 jeepneys to get to the Cebu City. Since Saba is pregnant so we rather choose taxi, even though it’s a bit expensive. Do not take the yellow cab! It will cost you more than p400, you need to walk around 100meter from the international arrival gates to the right to find the white taxi. It will cost you roughly around p200-p230, the taxi meter starts with p40 and be careful of the porter guy, they will try to help you carry your bags and ask for a tip.

Our hostel located at Boljoon (Pronounced as Bol-ho-on), which is the south of Cebu. To get there we need to take a bus from South Bus Terminal.

Next to the South Bus Terminal, you can find Elizabeth Mall (also known as E-Mall) it is advisable for you to have your meal here before get on the bus since it will takes you about 3-4 hours to Boljoon. You can find a halal restaurant at the ground floor of the mall. Do not expect a nice decent meal for the price you pay hehe. We suggest you to take away some food for dinner since you will not find any halal restaurant after that. You can see some of the menu of the restaurant here:

Do not worry about the bus schedule since the bus to Boljoon quite frequent. There are two types of bus, the aircond and non-aircond bus.

The prices also not much different, p130 for the aircond bus and p126 for the non-aircond bus. As usual becareful of the porter guy, keep your bags close with you. Find the bus going to Bato via Boljoon, you can find the bus destination next to the door of the waiting area in front of each buses, or you can simply ask the person at the counter. You only need to pay for the ticket inside the bus after the bus conductor gives you the ticket, in our case, we told him we want to get off at Noordzee Hostel, located before the Boljoon National High School, the fare is p43 per person.
Below is the picture of how the ticket looks like and how you check on the bus fare.

Once the bus moved on they will normally turn on a Hollywood movies to entertain the passengers.

Along the journey there will be a lot of people selling snacks, pies etc inside the bus, watch out your head if they walk around the bus, they might accidentally hit your head with their gigantic stuff.

It was already late when we arrived our Hostel. Nordzee hostel rated 9.2 by the, the staffs are really helpful and friendly too.

This is our Hostel room:
The cost for 1 night is p2500.
There are also dorm rooms available with a cheaper price of course.

After checked-in, we realized that they use a different power socket extension. They use 2 points plug, flat blade as you can see below:

Luckily they have US plug extension that they lend to us for free so extra alert to you, next time do bring the plug adapter. They also provide the Things-to-do list just incase you don’t have any plan yet like us.

After we went through the list, we finally have a rough idea on how are we going to spend the next 4days in Cebu.

Second day

After fajr, we just had a hot cup noodles for our breakfast and their complimentary tea and 3 in 1 nescafe. As we open the window, we are amazed the sunrise is right in front of our balcony!

**You can see the view from the video.

6am – If you want to rent a motorcycle, it will cost you around p600 a day.  Since we are not really sure the place and the route so we decided to take a bus. Tell the conductor you want to go to the whale shark place. It takes around 2 hours to that place from our hostel, you can see a big signage of the whaleshark resort, which is Aaron Resort.

The fee is p1000 to snorkel with the whale shark.

First they will bring you to the briefing centre.
They explain the rules and regulations; such as to stay about 40meters from the whaleshark, we are not allowed to touch them. No flash camera etc.

You are given 30 minutes to swim with the whale shark, which is enough for us.

After we cleaned up ourselves, we get a tricycle to our next destination, Auginid falls. It costs us p300 returns per person direct to our hostel.

It took around 45 minutes to Auginid Falls from Aaaron Resort. The entrance fee is p40 per person, they will take care of your bags and the tour guides will assist you along the 2hour journey. There are 6 levels, which is level 0 until level 5, each level have their own specialty. We actually enjoyed more on this activity compared to snorkeling with whale shark, since it is more fun and adventurous especially when we conquered the whole waterfalls because it is a new tourist attraction so not a lot of people know the place. I can say one of the best waterfalls I’ve ever been!

3 hours riding the tricycle really tiring, we almost fall asleep on the bike. That night, I went to Boljoon Public Market, which is about 10 minutes walking distance to buy fruits and bread for our dinner. It is not safe for a girl to walk around at night because there are a lot of teenagers with their bikes hanging around the streets. After isya’ we went to sleep to recharge our energy for more challenging activity the next day, canyoneering!

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