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Last two weeks, our family has been invited to enjoy 3 days 2 nights at a Five Stars Hotel in Melaka named Casa Del Rio. We thought it will be just another 5 stars hotel experience, but we are totally wrong! This will be a very sincere write up and I hope this post will help you just in case you're wondering where to stay in Melaka for your next visit, or you can even consider this as your honeymoon trip because to be honest we can say its a Malaysian version of Venice and Amsterdam kind of feeling lol. 🤣

We started our journey from KL a bit late so we missed the welcoming ceremony (the other guest told us, it was so cool!) ot ceremony lah, it is just their style of welcoming guest. We arrived at Casa Del Rio after 1 hour and 30 minutes journey. The drive itself is not that difficult as you can easily find the hotel which is located in the heart of Melaka, just a walking distance from Jonker Walk Street and alongside Melaka River. 

Tell you the truth, my first impression was not expecting much. I went straight to the dining hall because it was already dinner time. I let my husband checked us in, then let him carry our luggage to the room.

While waiting for my husband. The view and atmosphere feels like I am in Venice!

He came to me all excited, saying

''Wow! I cant wait to let you see the room"

So, I didnt even had my dinner and went straight up. Guess what, the room is totally amazing! they even installed 2 babies crib for our beloved twins, Adam Qowiy and Adwin Qowiy. Its a king size bed with 2 cute teddy bears on top of it. On the TV cabinet they leave a welcome note (printed with our name on it! specially written by the hotel manager, Michael Quay) next to the note, there is a small cute bowl, inside the bowl got 3 pieces of onde-onde with a brief explanation why they choose onde-onde. Its a traditional paranakan way of welcoming their guest with onde-onde. Onde-onde is a special traditional kueh made of boiled rice cake with gula melaka in it and covered with coconut dumplings.
We got babies crib! 

See the happy faces? Haha The bathroom and bathtub is totally huge!
Next, we have a look on the bathroom. We almost drop our jaws, looking at the bathroom. It is very spacious with bath tub. The bath tub, located next to our bed with a wall as the border and even got a window! i can have a hot tub while playing peek a boo with the twins in their cribs thru the window. The shower also surprisingly good with a big rain shower and a glass wall. Im not sure of other people but for me everytime i went to a hotel I will check on their shampoo and soap, and we can easily judge on their quality control. I'm quite impressed with this hotel as they use a special natural soap made of cinnamon. I like!

The room has balcony as well as sofa bed. We were all excited that we nearly forgot about our dinner. We went down quickly as dinner will set off at 10.30PM. Surprisingly even the hotel only have 66 rooms, but each room is very special, they said it is considered as boutique hotel. We were welcomed by the hotel staffs, Fam and Angie. Like her name, she quickly made us feel like family!  No wonder their hotel rated 5 stars. All of the staffs are so friendly and helpful. We started to feel like we don't want this trip to ever end haha

That night buffet theme menu is Malay Kampung & Peranakan Traditional Food.

Now let's talk about the buffet.
It costs RM98 for adult and RM49 for kids and senior citizen above 60. I think its consider cheap for a 5 stars hotel.

Look this lady, so many food! Well, it's buffet ;) a very delicious one
presenting to you,one of  the best kambing golek my husband ever taste haha

Overall for a buffet they may not have the most variety of choice but the quality of taste indeed 5 stars! My husband said he had one of the best Kambing Golek ever, the gravy tastes just nice really great combination with the well-cooked meat. While me, I love their signature dish which is Durian Crepe. It is so mouthwatering and taste so fresh as they use 100% local durian paste with no additional flavour. The crepe tastes so soft and very thin as we can feel the crunchiness while biting it before the durian paste flooded in our mouth. We are not even exaggerating when we said that the food taste is amazing!

The next day we are invited to join a historical tour, organised by Casa Del Rio. Right after breakfast (not an ordinary buffet style, their breakfast also very special) then we got the chance to have tour on board cruise across sungai Malacca, feels like VIP because we board the cruise on our own boarding port which is from the hotel, no need to queue like other people on the other side of the river. It was exciting as not only we can enjoy the beautiful view of Malacca from the river, the people alongside the river also very sporting, most of them waving at us when they sees us. After finish the tour for about half an hour, we got another tour. Walking tour by Casa Del Rio, lead by a very otai (experienced) tour guide. He seems like nknow all the history about every building we can see in Bandar Melaka. I never knew that historical walk can be very entertaining and i got to see the new side of Melaka. After finish walking tour, the hotel booked us a special foot massage session at their spa, but we missed it because we got another appointment in Jasin at that time. I heard that their Spa also very famous with body massage, unfortunately got no time to try it (maybe next time hehe). The next day, we went for museum hunting! Casa Del Rio also have bicycle tour round Melaka City if you re keen for some breeze on your face.

Historical walk tour. Bit hot so keep your hand fan with you all the time okay :)

Overall, our trip to Melaka this time is pleasently nice! From the short drive to Melaka form KL, the superb host from our stay, awesome stays at Casa Del Rio  

This video summarize our wonderful trip, enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum kak saba. Saya berminat nak tahu macam mne akak pakai niqab? Kalau time travel mcm mne? Kalau buat aktiviti lasak ok ke? ...Btw your stories are amazing. Keep inspiring people! ��

Liyana said...

teringin nak stay kat hotel ni. senibina yg cantik n rare :D

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